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Original Post:
by: simple1000 on Jun 12, 2011

basically here it goes.. there are three girls in my class, that ive been good friends with. now they god mad at me for no reason (they think i did something i did not do) and theyre turning the whole class against me.
now, i know that if i made up with them, everyone would start talking to me.
i tried talking to the girls, explaning that i didnt do anything but they wouldnt talk to solve it.
so, what should i do? i mean, what spell?
i decided to do a spell and dont just tell me magic cant fix it, dont tell me its not something that's solved with magic, dont tell me i HAVE to talk it out because i cant. so ill do a spell.
im just looking for help.
so please, post a spell in this thread if you know one. thanks. :D