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Original Post:
by: User100344 on Jul 30, 2010

Hello, everyone. :)

Longtime "student" who hasn't practiced much in awhile, save for what I consider to be very basic stuff.

Just wanted to get some opinions on this. Have any of you ever felt that you cannot pass a certain plateau? That if you try to better yourself, something will happen that brings you back down to the level you're used to, whether it be health, financial, mental, etc... ?

Seems to be on multiple levels, and seems to be affecting the whole family, not just me.

It suddenly popped into my head yesterday that what we need is an unblocking / overcoming type spell... it just feels right.

I am used to working with candles, fire is probably what I am most effective with.

Any thoughts / suggestions? It would need to be something potent... I haven't found anything that feels like an exact match in my books.

And thanks!