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Original Post:
by: Euginius on Oct 27, 2019

Hello fellow brothers and sisters.
Let me tell you about about my situation. I live and work in Poland, but I go to my home country every year for 3 months. I am also a Gypsy ( you will understand why it is important later on)
Me and my wife are newly wed ( 6 months). First couple of months we were great, with the ocassional arguments ( not big tho, small ones, lasting 5 minutes ). So after 2 3 months of being married it was time to go to my home country. I left my car in Poland, and we went with a bus. First 3 days were okay, but then we started having more and more frequent arguments. And slowly they grew bigger and bigger. We both started yelling ( something i never did in my life) whenever we had an argument. And it always ended with tears ( no physical abuse tho, never hit a women, never will, especially the love of my life). We started arguing and fighting every single day. We started saying stuff we did not ment and later deeply regreted. I started drinking alchohol) and started abusing it ( the alchohol). I started getting this sudden rush of anger, then sadness and depression then anger again. I acted on it and let it control me ( my brain made me think its normal). So we spent our 3 months in Bulgaria like that. Then we came back to Poland. Our first day and my father found an egg in my car engine. Not a broken egg,but a fully in tact chicken/ bird egg ( I did not see it, my father threw it or I think so). At that time i did not think much of it, I simply found it amusing, I thought a bird went in there and layed an egg in there.
And so our fights kept going every single day. Growing bigger and worser. Until It clicked me, many gypsies in our community ( ghetto) are sorcerers. My wife's ex tried several time to get her back and ruin our relationship ( back when we were still going out/ not married). He even threathened to forcefully kidnap her ( something normal in gypsy communities, however not acceptable if she is married. So when we married he stopped.) Also the grandmother of my ex also is a sorceress and she really wanted me to marry her grand-daughter. I mentioned the egg that my father found in my car's engine, well in Turkish- Gypsy magic it is a very simple yet very hard to brake ( or so I heard) magic. This egg spell is used to separate couples, married or not. It is used to start arguments and fights between them, and eventually end their relationship. That explains our arguments and fights ( well not all, but most. Marriage without arguments aint a marriage ) . Explains our mood swings, and unexplainable sudden rage.
However, I do not think that it is the only spell cast on us. I think there is another,I got that feeling.

So brothers, sisters, I need your help. How can I brake this spell ? Or spells ? What should I do ? Also if there are any books on braking, removing spells, curses, hexes, please let me know. I need your help.