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Original Post:
by: Bilgesu on Sep 26, 2019

Hi, I'm a beginner. For 2-3 days I've been reading books about magic, learning new spells and trying to understand the basis of all of it. I'm not gonna lie that I'm a bit impatient about trying spells. But I cannot stop myself from thinking them. So, I decided to cast my first spell today (i have tried 2 more spells but just for fun, i didn't expect anything serious to happen, it didn't happen anyways). So, I have taken notes about casting a circle, concentrating and the spell I want to perform. So yesterday, I gathered the elements etc. But, today I literally planned to do it. My plan was to cast a circle and try a not-so-hard spell. But everything went wrong. I believe I received signs to not to do it. For instance, today there was an earthquake where I live. It wasn't so small also. Then the bus I was in almost crashed a car. Then when I was preparing the circle in my room, the lighter I brought suddenly stopped working, other than that while getting the elements out of the closed, they all fell making a big noise. Also, I couldn't light the candle for a long time. I looked for other lighter and there was nothing. Then I used the stove and for no one to notice it, I covered it with a mug. Until I got back to my room, the candle blew out and the mug got dirty with black marks.

Now, I am a religious person so I was not sure about doing this. Because you know, it is a sin in most religions. But, I was sooo curious that I couldn't stop myself from trying it. I even looked for multicolored candles and couldn't find any after searching it in the most public place ever for two hours or so. I looked for some special stones in another place and I couldn't find anything. This made me think that maybe I really shouldn't do it.

Most of you are so much more experienced than me, I want to hear you thoughts and comments on this.