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Original Post:
by: knpage on Aug 17, 2019

My boyfriend unexpectedly broke up with me 3 weeks ago. We had a great relationship, not perfect, but we were not in a position where our relationship had to end. I had originally done meditation with a pink candle inscribed with his name and oil- I saw good signs from the candle but no movement from him.

Last night, I did a honey jar. In my petition, I placed balm of gilead, catnip, jasmine, rose petals, and a piece of his hair tied around mine. Followed all directions. I lit a pink candle at the top and it burned GREAT, high flame that danced quite a lot and flickered so I'm hoping for good results. However, the candle left absolutely no wax on the jar lid. It completely burned away. Is this a problem??

Also, while packing things to move out of our apartment (yes, after breaking up with me he asked me to move out), I caved and texted him asking if we could talk- he replied quickly saying he didn't think it was a good idea and he was sorry that he hurt me. I replied just saying I felt like we could work it out, which was a promise we made to each other, and that we both knew our relationship was special. I know I should have waited further into the honey jar and didn't expect to see instant results but it still damn hurt.

Any suggestions?