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Original Post:
by: beccabugg on Aug 05, 2019

Hi. I did a spell that is on here for a sexual spirit to come and have sex with me a while ago and now the spirit has not left and I think it is hurting my neice who is two. She is always waking up around 12am and 3am and 6am. When she does there are marks and bruises on her back. She will wake up screaming and will not want to go back to sleep. This has all happened after I did that spell. I told the spirit to stay with me for that night when it came, but I now want it to leave forever. I don't know what to do. I'm scared for my neice and for myself. I also told it that it could impregnate me if it wanted... I know I know stupid move. I know you may think I'm crazy or that I'm making this up, but this is 100% the real truth. I tried to get rid of the spirit myself, but it didn't work. I tried salt, rosemary,and garlic. I tried banishment spells and rituals. I tried everything to get rid of it, but it is still here. I need it to leave once and for all and to never come back. I need it to leave my neice and family alone. Please someone help me. If you know what this spirit is and know how to get rid of it please contact me here. Or on my beccabugg account.