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Original Post:
by: W.D.Gaster on Jun 05, 2019

There has been a lot of stuff going around about honey jars and I want to help clean them up. Honey jars can be used to maintain but not all things that is sweet can be put in a jar. So lets get started!

1st question: What can be put in jar magick? Okay so first the sweetening you put in the jar is like the magick so when you are putting in something honey with a more thick texture the magick can't move around in it causing something like a magick blockage. So more of a runny liquid will work very well.

2nd question: How do I really get the magick in the jar to work for me? Now a lot of people think of just putting it on your altar would work but it won't very well. You altar is good for recharging it I will give you that but to really get the magick flowing shake your jar. I shake mine every day.

3rd question: I can't shake a massive jar all day! So what do I use? Well I use little 2oz jars or those little baby food jars. The work just that same and you can shake it without people questioning what you are doing. When I walk to school/work I'm shaking it. When I'm doing a project in class I'm shaking it.

4th question: When I look up honey jars I see candles melting on the jar. That's pretty noticeable, what do I do? Well the internet is pretty dumb. you don't need a candle on your jar all the time. Just put a little tea candle on it and let it burn out all night. All the candle does is activate the jar so all you need is to do it once.

5th question: My jar isn't working what do I do? Okay first do you have a petition in there? If you do did you put in herbs to do what you want it to? If there are no herbs it is less likely to affect your life. If you want luck put in high john the conqueror root. Next are you using honey? if so it's less likely to work through your life.

6th question: What do I do if I don't have honey? Again you don't need honey. People say honey is traditional but it isn't. People would use sugar and water. Sugar water works so much better than honey because it can flow better when shaking it. Also sugar water is so much cheaper. Honey is the most expensive thing in the sweetening isle.

If you happen to use sugar water remember that it is no longer a honey jar it is a sweetening jar. Stop using honey. it is not worth it. Take that honey and put it on your biscuits don't use it for magick. Good luck with Jar Magick and see you on SoM