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Original Post:
by: Bella221 on Mar 07, 2019

So I did a reach out/reconciliation honey jar last fall when my ex and I hit a rough patch and it worked (he wanted to get back together). Unfortunately, I had to leave town to be with family for a couple months so we didn?t really get a chance to actually get back together but we stayed in touch and everything was fine when I got back into town last month until 2 weeks ago. He?s claiming he?s been seeing this other girl even while I was back (not a dealbreaker because we?re in an open relationship) but I know that?s not true since we have mutual friends and she had a boyfriend up until a week ago.

I left the jar behind since I was worried about it breaking during travel so it hadn?t been interacted with by me for a while so my question is should I keep working with this jar (it?s the same intent of him missing me/wanting to work things out) or should I make a new one since it?d be a new reconciliation (this time he told the other woman we?d broken up even though he hadn?t discussed it with me)? Also do you think I need to do anything about her (I don?t really believe they?ll work out knowing the two personalities but)?