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Original Post:
by: daulton1 on Nov 07, 2018

There is a spell I would like to cast to dream of my future soulmate. Here is the spell


3 almonds

Milk or either almond milk

3 raisins

Teaspoon of honey


Take your almonds and raisins; put them right underneath your pillow before sleeping. Drink a nice cup of warm milk right before bed and make sure to add in the teaspoon of honey. Say the following words:

?Spirits of Union and angels of love,

Please, I ask of thee, bring a vision to me tonight,

Within my dream, allow me to see,

My soul mate when the timing is right,

So mote it be

If I want to keep dreaming of my soulmate should I keep the the raisins and almonds under my pillow and keep drinking milk with honey and say the words?