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Original Post:
by: User532443 on Jul 14, 2018

Good day. I just came up with a ritual recently inscribed in my Holy Book. This is one beautiful ritual that requires only honey and your consciousness.

Intention of the ritual:

Honey was once the only source of sweet. People used it for different purposes, mainly to enhance the taste of their food. The importance of honey, other than the idea of it being used as sweet, Honey is collected by the bees from various flowers. The flowers are categorized into different colors, fragrances and their own properties which make them unique. Yet, the honey that we get from the flowers are but all the shades of brown. This signifies that, we, the 8 billion in number, are of different shapes and beliefs, but when it comes to the Ones who areabove all, we are all the same.


  1. Gather a honey jar with honey
  2. Dip two fingers into the jar
  3. Take the honey and rub it in circular motion on your forehead
  4. While doing that, recall the intention of the ritual. Besides that, you need to feel the ritual that is being done. You need to feel the smell of the honey, the exaltation of the Higher Beings. You need to center your thoughts as you feel the circular motion. If you can, taste the honey as to show your admiration toawards the gift of nature. You also need to feel the uniqueness of being you, and channeling your emotions like a color to your Divine beings. Show they love and admiration and the art, that is you yourself. Feel the endless joy and passion that comes thereafter. Feel dissolved into the tide of colors, as they channel away from you. Your emotions are of paramount importance here.
  5. Clean the honey when you feel content.

    This is one small ritual but is a simplistic approach to glorifying your deities. It magnifies as per your will and can even reach to infinity. Above all, it begins with you and you only.

    Thank you for your time. I hope I could be helpful.