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Original Post:
by: Ginabelle on Jul 13, 2018

Dear readers, I?m new here at this forum. I made this profile just to ask here what?s the meaning of what happened last might.

So I was aware of the fact that 13th of July 2018 there was a new moon. So I wanted to do a spell on my ex to get him back.

I found a spell on some site where I just needed a candle and some text to write and after that I needed to put a little blood on the text.
I couldn?t get blood so I had to get a razor out of the bathroom. And as I was walking to the bathroom I looked out my window and saw a black cat on the ground excactly in front of my window!! I litteraly got the chills!!
The cat sat there looking at me for like half a minute and after that it ran up into a tree in like a millisecond. But not just in a tree, it went high up in the tree. After that I didn?t seen it anymore and went back to my spell.

What does this mean? I?m really curious..