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Original Post:
by: pradar on Feb 27, 2018

Hi All,

I have started a honey jar for lover return. I didn't add any herbs the first time, just a petition. But someone had told me to apply the honey on my skin everyday so I used to open the jar, apply honey almost everyday and then light the candle on top of the same honey jar in the night. After I got to know that we are not supposed to open the jar, I kept that honey jar aside and started a new honey jar again. This time, I put the petition inside for the same intention and also added a small thread that I plucked from his hoodie which I have with me. I am now burning pink candles on top of the jar and did not open it but my friend who saw the candle lit one day, blew it out, by mistake and when I told her it's for a prayer, she lit it back immediately again. I am continuing with the same jar but I don't know if it got ruined after she blew it out. I don't know if I should dispose off these two honey jars and then start afresh again?

Also the candle wax dripping is forming shapes like circles and all which I don't know how to read. Once or twice I have seen a tiny heart shape but it gets covered in the end with the remaining wax. I have noticed that when I light the candle, it burns clean and even without dripping on the side of the jar but towards the end, the wax drips on the sides of the jar and falls on the plate on which I kept the jar and forms shapes like circles or sometimes uneven shapes which do not have any meaning or such. I don't know how to read them.

Could someone please help me with the jar and candle reading ?

Thanks a lot.