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Original Post:
by: lalanna78 on Oct 30, 2017


I am new to all of this and need some advice. I have a love that I'm losing. I cast a love spell. I know I'm not supposed to think about the spell or him afterwards but seriously?? How? I have all the belief that magick works. I am new to it. But this sense I keep feeling in the pit of my stomach of losing my love or him possibly being with someone else. These are all worries that I try to chase away but I can't, my mind it riddled with them because I am hurting and I miss him. Now I guess my question is this... Is all of this worrying negating anything I have done with spell work? How do I ensure my spell doesn't get lost to the Universe?

Also with me being new to this as well I could use some pointers on clearing myself of these thoughts and letting my magick work.