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Original Post:
by: Bossou on Oct 03, 2017

Good morning everyone!

I have a question which was probably asked a multitude of times. But fresh insight would be useful.

2 weeks ago I cast a job finding spell using a glass candle. But I am not 100% sure how its going.

1) I used a 7 day glass candle that burned quickly in 4 days.

2) The black candle had dark smoke stains going nearly to the bottom once it was done. Which is an indication that the energy met a lot of resistance.

3) I actually got a call for an interview about 2 days after the candle finished burning. But I was told that the final decision could potentially take weeks (even a couple of months). It's a government agency, so they are super slow.

4) I have not received any calls or interviews thereafter. Well at least, not yet.

So for me this is a sign of mixed results. I have to questions:

1) Is it too early to recast, especially taking into consideration that the glass bottle had dark smoke stains going nearly to the bottom?

2) Can recasting too soon be counter productive or work against the desired results?

Blessings and thanks for your insights!