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Original Post:
by: daulton1 on Aug 18, 2017

I have a question about the Letters To Love spell and I would like to know if anyone has heard of it. Ok here is the spell
Items Needed:
Lined Paper
Red Rose Pedals
Favorite Perfume
Favorite Shade Of Lipstick
Red Pen/Marker
Casting Imstructions:
Write down all the qualities your looking for in your ideal partner. Spritz the paper with your perfume. Hold the rose pedals with your right hand while envisioning yourself in love. Drop the pedals in the envelope, seal it shut kiss it, put the lipstick on and kiss the envelope. Put the envelope in a safe place and never open it again or you'll break the spell. Has anyone heard of this? Can I replace the rose pedals with any kind of red flower pedals? Since I'm a guy can a replace the perfume and lipstick with cologne and chapstick and would it work without a full moon?