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Original Post:
by: HelperWitch on Apr 21, 2017

I am in a very bad situation at school. I was in a class with someone I'd never met before and someone told this person of my sexuality and he immediately started talking about killing me or hitting me. And even said and I quote "I'll put a stop to that." I told my friends later and my heterosexual guy friend went and flirted with him (non-sexual flirting) and gave him a note that said "If you get lonely call: *random number*"
Well later I got called into the office and I told them what happened but the guy that threatened my life got off the hook with no problems and are taking his side in the incident with my guy friend. The stress is killing me and other students are getting in on it saying that I was quote "Forcing my sexuality on other people" and that he didn't threaten me. They've had 3 people tell the office exactly what he said but they still aren't helping me. Any spell suggestions or any advice would be greatly appreciated.