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Original Post:
by: Wind_Kitsune on Feb 23, 2017

I've heard of things like psychic residue, time echos, etc...phenomena tied to things like the Clairtangency or the ability to perceive past events via energy left on an object and/or location. It is widely believed, and I concur, that time travel is impossible yet still an unusual idea popped into my head. Energy is neither created nor destroyed so theoretically instead of channeling energy from an outside source as many do for spell casting could someone channel energy from themselves not in the present but instead themselves in the past? If you spent enough time in a given area you might theoretically leave a small imprint of your own energy that could be harnessed for spell casting and as far as I am aware there aren't any realistic theories involving energy being able to go beyond our current concept of time so this seems improbable...which is an understatement of major proportions. Still, the concept of tapping into ones own energy from a different, possibly multiple, points in time is an interesting, outlandish idea that popped into my mind. Any theories? I know I've seen a few rare comments online where some believe time travel is possible in astral form, but only from the point of being an observer without any ability to alter the course of history so I'm curious if anyone has a viewpoint I have considered beyond the obvious lol.