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Original Post:
by: Chunjilee on Oct 11, 2016

I need a good binding spell or some sort of spell to influence someone. I have a friend who has really bad exes and she stays friends with them ( it's okay to be friends with your exes! ofc but just not in this case )

her exes were really bad, one was verbally abusive and they always fight, he makes her feel like she has no friends but him, her other ex spread rumors about her and the other was a cheater, I know , great choices right?

As much as I'd like someone to do the spells for me since I don't feel very experienced enough, I think I should do them myself since I have a more deeply rooted relationship with her

( and yes I have tried talking to her about unfollowing them and ignoring them but she feels like she'll be alone if she doesn't keep up a friendship with them, she has serious issues about feeling friendless ) I want her to realize she has good people in her life, ACTUAL GOOD PEOPLE who love her and want her happy and she needs to let her exes go

so if someone could give me a good binding spell to keep them away from her permanently or something that would convince her to let them go I'd be forever thankful )
Please and thank you!!~~<3<3