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Original Post:
by: breebee on May 22, 2016

Hello and greetings everyone!

I have a few questions and i would love any response from personal experiences to enlighten me

I made a honey jar, and light white/red/pink candles on top, carved with runes and our names
it's for my ex

I did some research on candles before i started anything and it stated about being able to read the flames and wax residue, the flames on my lit candles are usually high, bouncy and active, the wax is hard to read because some of my candles don't melt all the way down, the wick burns out but by a minute or two before the entire candle does.

I also need opinion on how the honey jar has given out signs to you? After the last candle I lit, Ive been having reoccuring dreams of my ex and I've been seeing those cheesy posts, stuff that would remind me of him basically. For example we had an inside joke i'd call him the hulk, 2 night back i saw this post about love that had the hulk in it
i also was asked to come in for a job interview, the person who sent me the email has the same first name as my ex too..

So am i over thinking it or are these signs?

I know to each is own kind of a thing, but I was hoping for similar situations perhaps? any response is highly appreciated :)

Much love and blessed me <3