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Original Post:
by: Violetrose7 on Apr 04, 2016

Ok, I'm starting to think maybe someone has put a curse on me..... The last few guys I have started seeing its like the same thing happens each time, the same EXACT thing and ya I know it's very possible it's just me but I am 27, have plenty of experience with dating and relationships and something weird is definitely going on...
The past few guys I've dated, I will see them a few times, and you know how when you start to like someone and can see yourself with them, something in your mind just clicks and youve actually made the decision I guess to go ahead and let yourself start falling and pursuing something with them? Ok well each scenario, (except one that I'm not so sure about), I for sure seen this in the guy, he was digging me and calling all the time, wanting to always hang out and wanting to be in a committed relationship. Well I'm usually always the slowpoke when it comes to that cuz I kinda take longer to start to trust someone but each guy who I've went ahead and something in my mind "clicked" and I knew I had the same sort of feelings for, almost instantly as soon as I started liking him backed off, like WAY off. For literally no apparent reason.
I know you might be thinking that I must be doing something, but I know and am 150% sure that I am not. Like I said I'm 27, t his ain't my first rodeo and guys are not that complex, something is going on!! It's like as soon as I let the guy know my feelings are the same, BOOM, instant rejection.
Is it possible someone has cursed me? Or maybe a simple spell I've done could've backfired? I haven't cast anything against anyone, and I couldn't even possibly remember all the spells I've attempted casting when first getting into this and kinda here recently too.
But regardless of WHY, what can I do about it? I don't think I should do any type of attraction spells because this has never before been n issue for me so I do not believe that's the problem, should I do a break a curse spell and if so what's a good one or what direction should I go with it?
Thank you......