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Original Post:
by: Newbies on Jan 26, 2016

Dear All,

I'm a newbie to the site as well as to the spells. I need to urgently work on the vinegar jar for break up and causing fights between a couple.

I've the following questions?
1. Do I need to cast a circle and set an altar to make this vinegar jar? Can I burn a candle on it with an altar? If I have to set an altar, what do I do for a simple altar?
2. I've the photo of both the male and female together and separately. Which one do I use?
3. I may not have dog and cat hair, what do I do? Only dog hair of black and white dog do?
4. Can I keep this jar in my cupboard and shake it?
5. I also want to know about the cleansing process, I cannot purchase lucky mojo products, as I;m base in middle east and amazon doesn't deliver it there. Do you have a simple home ingredient for cleaning self?