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Original Post:
by: Wicca24 on Jan 09, 2016

Hello and welcome to SOM

Just some helpful advice to help you get stetted up here.

It is advisable to have two accounts because if anything happened to the first then at least you have a backup account just in case.

Which spells work.

I hear them time and time again on this site. The best answer I can give you all is to stay away from the fantasy and weather spells.


Well the clue is in the name with fantasy spells. Fantasy meaning not real. So consequently, the vampire and werewolf spells will not work.

Weather spells will not work because no one can control the weather. It is impossible to do.

What's the point then if spells like that do not work?

There is every point. Magick is not all about spells. Its a way of life. Its about being in harmony with one self and the environment. Learning the ways of magick has opened my eyes to the world around me and I say it is worth every moment.