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Original Post:
by: LeeChunji on Oct 17, 2015

Lately things have been getting tough for me and my friends
things have been splitting us up in many ways
emotional things and real life issues
school and family has been tearing us apart and I just really was wondering if there is a binding spell for friendship?
to keep us together at and not drift apart

My friend is so busy with school and my other friend is going through the same thing with school projects
for me personally its my family and work
Taking care of a sick parent is hard work but I always still managed to keep talking to them both every day;
my two friends don't really go through that and lately they've been struggling very much with these new tasks they have

I sometimes get weary from having to be the glue that keeps us all together and was hoping for a good magic spell to help aid me in this, I don't wanna lose my friends; we talk online because we all live in different states but we've always been close, I just really want a spell that will bring us back together like we used to be;
please and thank you to anyone who may have advice !!~ <3<3