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Original Post:
by: Azrael10011 on Oct 03, 2015

Hello!! I'm somewhat new to wicca, and I wrote my own protection spell (to cast on an object to protect someone, i.e. amulet). The only problem is that I have found conflicting info on parts of the ritual I added in, and I was hoping for some experienced advice?

Basically the spell goes that you cleanse the object in water to remove mixed energies and give it an energetic reset of sorts, then you put it in a sacred bowl with other protective herbs (basil, caraway, clove, and sage), and light 3 white votive candles around it in a triangle. Then you just recite the incantation until the candles burn out and drop a drop of blessed water on the object every other incantation. My confusion is the last part though. I added in that once the candles burnt out, to take the bowl and object outside, place the herb mix on the ground and burn it while holding the object in the smoke and telling it it's purpose, and to store it in a dark box until it is given to the intended recipient.
I have heard that holding an object in smoke can strengthen the spell, but I have also heard that it is for cleansing and resets energies. Any tips?