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Original Post:
by: Classified06 on Sep 05, 2015

You can not manipulate love and magic together it does not mix. Love is a feeling that naturally flows between two people, magic is what you choose to make it out to be. Do not manipulate love with magic it wont work and it wont be real patuence is key to being with someone. I would appreciate it if people would stop putting out casting a love spell so they can get to this person. Its not going to work for one and two no one is going to cast a spell for you in this way.

It is dumb to think that anyone would do such just for you chances are they are having problems to and dont have the time to fix others including yours. Sure advice in love would work but as far as manipulating it goes is impossible and people need to stop putting these in forms and spells because they dont work.

Falsely advising people is not ok just because there are love spells here that doesnt mean they work and just because you want this or that in life doesnt mean you will get it. So i ask that people stop posting love and magic in the forms.

Blessed be