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Original Post:
by: spiritsqual on Apr 21, 2015

Hello, I am new here and I apologize for lack of introduction. But I came here just so I can get a clear piece of mind.

Around this time of the year two years ago I and my then ex broke up that February. From then until May I kept trying to "fix" things but nothing worked. Eventually I took notice she was hanging around somebody I knew who had a history of drugs, behavior problems, etc. Whether I had a chance with her or not I felt she shouldn't get involved with him. She denied she was but it was obvious and mutual friends told me the same. They begun dating officially towards the end of that May and this passing March had broken up I heard.

Anyway I was worried for her and willing to try anything so I used a break up spell on them and buried the ritual remnants in a local cemetery as directed. They still dated for almost two years so I assume it didn't work BUT I'm worried that I'm receiving bad luck from it? Since then I've been involved with two relationships and neither have lasted, most recent lasted 6 months and ended a month ago. This ex I truly love but I'm terrified somehow that breakup spell had an effect on me and my previous relationship...would anybody be able to clarify this for me?

Again I apologize for lack of introduction but I could not find answers to this specific situation when I researched and hope somebody here can help me. I'm wondering if I should dig up and discard the remnants from the spell if I can find it? Thank you.