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Original Post:
by: GabrielFilo on Feb 26, 2015

I just bought a book from this website. Its name is Magic Rituals for love by Donna Rose. There is a love spell I am thinking about casting. I will post it here and let everyone discuss whether this spell gives accurate information or not.

On a Friday as the Moon waxes

1.Carve your name into an image candle representative of your gender and carve the name of the one you desire on an image candle representative of his/her gender.

2.Anoint both candles with Venus Oil

3.Mix the following ingredients together as an incense to burn on charcoal: Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Verbena and Anise Seed.

4.Place the image candles to face each other about two inches apart. Light them along with some of the incense mixture.

5.As the candles burn for an hour each day thereafter vision yourself winning the love of your intended a being always together.

6.Repeat each day until the candles are gone, and your lover is under your power of fascination. Bury the wax and ashes in the earth.

If you desire, this ritual may be repeated over and over for up to two weeks, using new candles and replenishing your supply of herbs.