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Original Post:
by: Floke on Jan 11, 2015

Dear all, please forgive me if this thread is in the wrong place, I really know next to nothing on this subject.

A friend of mine has recently been gifted a mask from a lady from Wiccan parentage. The mask had an ill feeling and I believe has been given to the sea. It had sticks in it's eyes and the third eye had been adorned with metal filings. Despite my lack of knowledge, I would assume that the mask has been designed to blinker the receiver from something that is about to happen, but would not like to assume anything.

I understand that the 'gift' giver has a history of trying to steal him from his partner, but any information you kind people may be able to offer regarding the likely intent behind such a mask. This is all I know about it, but if there are questions about what else was on the mask, or what it was made from, I will endeavour to find out all I can about it.