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Original Post:
by: blkforestboy on Nov 17, 2014

Hello all,

I need some advice on a spell or couple of spells and any advice would be great.

Basic situation is this: My daughters mother and I split up almost 3 1/2 years ago. During that time we've had an amicable split and have split our time with our daughter evenly. As of last week she suddenly wants to reduce that time to almost nothing for no apparent reason. She herself during a call about this even stated I'm a great father, but she thinks our daughter she only stay with her all the time. This isn't the first time she's said and done this, but that was over 3 1/2 years ago when things were still bitter.

Whew! Lots of typing here. What I'm looking for is spell or series of spells to calm her nature and to hopefully clear whatever fog or bad mojo that's causing her to react this way. Everything between the two of us has been so perfect, that to have this come out of nowhere is beyond me.

I've only done a few spells in my life, some with great success, others with less than a fizzle. I would appreciate any advice anyone can give though.

Thanks to all.