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Original Post:
by: theblogger on Jul 06, 2014

I found the sumerian apple spell here and would like to try it out. The only two problems I'm having is that:

1) I'm a girl and can't find the female version anywhere.

2) since the man I'm going to cast a spell on currently won't even talk to me, there's no chance I will be able to give him any food or drinks.

Does any of you have the female version of this spell (or do you know where I can find it?), and what do you suggest I do about the apple-thing as I, as explained, won't be able to get anywhere near him? I should also add that we do not live in the same state and have no mutal friends. So, obviously, it's impossible for me to feed him anything or steal anything from him.

Also: is the sumerian apple spell and the ishtar apple spell the same thing? Because the ishtar apple spell seems to be all about sex, while what I'm looking for is a serious, ever-lasting relationship where he is in love with me, not only sexually, but as a future wife.