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Original Post:
by: eulb on May 18, 2014

Hi. I am new here and I didn't know where to post this so please don't be mean if I done something wrong...

Please read all.

Here is the situation. I met a guy online. He lives in USA and I in Europe. We talked almost every day since we met, until recently when he found a new girlfriend.
The thing is, when I met him he was very depressed and very desperate and he tried to kill himself few times. I was the only one there to help him and support him. Now he is better and he said "Thank you, you are the reason I am still alive. You gave me strength". But now he throw me away kinda... We don't talk that often anymore and he doesn't care.
Problem is that I fell in love with that guy. I really love him with all my heart and I want him to be happy. So I thought, if his new girlfriend makes him happy then I won't complain, If he is happy I am alright.
But the truth is that it hurts so much. I can't stand the pain I feel and just the thought of him being with someone else is killing me. He doesn't know that I love him and I won't tell him now when he is happy with other.

So, two weeks ago I made a honey jar spell. Before we kinda was very sweet to each other and talking about lots of cuddles and all, and I thought that if I make honey jar spell that will continue... But I think that my spell didn't work right becuase as soon as I made it the reasult is just that I love him even more, but he doesn't message me so often and is not so sweet to me as he was before he got new gf.
I also made this spell two days ago:
but today I woke up and saw pictures of them together and it broke me. So I crumble the paper and throw it into honey jar and tomorrow or day after tomorrow I will go to the river and wash the jar then get it recycle.

I feel kinda betrayed and used by him. He was kinda into me for some time but I didn't want to say I love him because he needed me just when he was lonely, desperate and had no one. So I felt like last option and I wanted to spare myself from that pain. But with time I just love him more and more and now I even cast some spells to get over him but it doesn't work.
I cast spells to attract new love in my life but that doesn't go well either.
I really don't know what to do. I can't do anything because of so much pain I fell.
I also feel selfish for wanting him, but I can't help it. After all the trouble I helped him through and everything I've done for him I'm left loving him with all my heart and he just seems like he doesn't care at all.

Is there any good spell to get over him and attract new love because those I found on this site doesn't work for me?
Or maybe I'm so bad at casting spells and there is someone willing to help me?