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Original Post:
by: sandzak on Apr 16, 2014

Probably everyone heard for robert the doll or anna the doll. To sucess you have to be experienced i would say level 8/10. items you need:
-Doll or any object that you want to curse.
-Black knife +you get one by holding classic knife on candle)
-Something to offer (blood,hairs,money anything that means alot to you)
-You need to be outdoors
Warning ince again this might be disturbing for some readers!!
You start by drawing circle whic has to have marked south north east and west. At west east south goes black candle on north white candle. You light fire next to circle where you burn your offerings and chat. Lucifer lucifer... Leith leith... Start focusing on fire and soon you might see weird things happening on fire. After about one minute chant: justice will be served el bgheli i call upon you use my doorways to come and help me poor human. You blow off white candel and replace with black. You put doll in middle and draw her vennes with black dagger. At the end you need to focus and say thank you. Blow out fire and erase circle and also give doll to target. Keep in mind if you keep the doll she might hurt you since he is possesed by demon lucifer if you wish to posess with other specific demon you use his name instead of lucifers.