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Original Post:
by: StarWalker on Apr 09, 2014

A simple Healing spell I created to heal other who were in need..I am satisfied with it..
Items/Conditions needed..
*You must be calm relaxed after meditation..
*A clear quartz
*Healing Incense or herb
*Healing oil or herb you can rub on candle..
*Photo of person (or candle)
If you have photo then still take a candle,if you are using candle in place of pic then one candle is needed only..
(Can be a Blue or green or white candle)


*Take the pic of sick person and put it on ground either on ground candle or pic draw or crave Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei ..or any other healing symbol..and place a candle on pic with craved symbol and name of person on it..(see below how to crave)
If you don't have pic,take a candle you have chosen and crave name of person on it while visualizing how person looks..say something like this
"I now declare This candle as substitute part of (person's name)" then crave Healing Reiki or any symbol..

*Burn the healing incense or herb

*Rub healing herb or oil on candle.. Sandalwood oil or herb powdered etc..

*Take crystal on left hand and place right hand on crystal .Charge the crystal for 10-15 minutes with healing energy either say chants or visualize healing energy and try to feel also..

Place the crystal near candle/pic and visualize it healing the sickness..

Now sit besides facing East and use your visualization to send healing energy into pic and candle and see the flames burning sickness of any dark colour..

[Visualize what type of healing you are doing also physical pain mental clarity or energies healing of person etc]

Do this again for 10-15 can chant in middle to create flow of energy in middle of visualization or before it like this..or any version you want to use you may edit it either replace it but do it with emotions to heal the person..

"Sacred flames of holy fire,Heal (person name) on this hour,No matter the distance far or near,let the person get all clear,all the sickness may driven now out,burned the illness and clear the messy cloud,Let the negative be gone now and purity of positive energies do their work any how,Sooner let the person be healed my powers are one to aid in heal"

(Messy cloud represent negative energies surrounding..
Powers are one represent other forces aiding in healing your energy also work with them as one)

(Don't go with words are not in order.. understand the hidden meaning and then say in short you have no time to speak much)

Let the candle burn out all and bury the picture into the Earth near a healthy are done..Repeat if necessary..Best day is Monday,Wednesday etc..

(crystal,incense and herb/oil rub is not necessary if you don't have..But they surely aid much better way in healing plus you can modify this spell as you want) any confusing so please feel free to ask..

Blessed Be~