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Original Post:
by: doe on Feb 04, 2014

I've been having some strange things happening around my home and would love some advice! Cause its getting to the point that normal explanations dont seem to be working out.
It started with the back door to my room (that literally no one in my home uses, including myself) two years ago i woke up in the morning to find the door locked, but open. now suddenly whenever i check the door its either unlocked or doing the same thing it did two years ago. Broke down and changed the lock a few weeks ago and it hasnt stopped. Theres the same issue with the garage door not wanting to stay shut and locked
also been hearing strange "booming" or rumbling noises, varying. including what sounds like when you stand under a large bridge with many cars overhead, but nothing outside triggering it. They can be heard throughout the house but not outside, we ruled out the AC unit, cause we had issues with it beforehand.
Now, my home isn't very old, and doesn't have a gruesome history, nothing in the home feels negative but occasionally my mother and I will feel like we're "vibrating" in certain areas of the home. The only thing that would be spiritually significant in our area would be the area was regularly used by Indians.
We do sage cleansing, but is there more we can do for cleansing of our home? again nothing feels too negative, though it'd be more comfortable if my door would stay shut.