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Original Post:
by: classychanel on Jul 25, 2012

Well, I met this great guy; we had alot in common and he was sent to me out of the blue. I mean, he just showed up one day and it was like I knew him already for years. Every time we spent time together, we got closer. He told me he liked me "alot" and he wasn't going anywhere. Then, he tells me he can't see me anymore because he was having strong feelings for me and falling for me and has been hurt in the past and couldn't do this right now. His ex wives took everything from him (I didn't want to be another ex wife for him, just a friend). I haven't bothered him since (been 2 wks). I have been doing spells to get him to call me - and have not had any luck yet. I am strong with my mental ability (usually) and I am sure I have reached his mind that way and I can feel he's thinking about me. What is the best spell to use to get him to call me - I don't want him to fall in love with me - until he does it naturally; I just want him back as a friend since we laughed and had fun together.