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Original Post:
by: Charleebrown on Oct 25, 2019

Hi i have had my life destroyed for the last 5 A very powerfuk woman in my industry. I never met her for a coffee on the advice of someone who I though was a friend and 5 years on I realise the advice she gave me was due to jealousy as she didn't want me to succeed. Unknown to me this women knows everyone who is anyone in the industry and obviously very vengeful and power mad. She has spread lies and slander about me fur 5 year's and ensured everyone in the industry has turned against me. I have had life changing opportunities presented yo me in my career and they disappear without a trace or explanation, all people she knows it happened again in the last week. During thus 5 years because if the bullying I've been subjected to by thus woman I've attempted suicide twice my once blissfully happy relationship on tge verge of divorce and my dad become ill a few month's after i met thus women. Meaning the while 5 years of my business and career I've been juggling looking After my dad also, who passed away 12 months next month. Can anyone help me expose this woman publically for the liar and bully she and conffess that she has been unjustly slandering me and my business. Since my dad passed I'm now having to live with my mum 3 days per week to look after her. And again all while to forge a successful career. I have received press recognition and accolades and have took myself of the radar in my home town which is where all thus us happening yo he but last week at an event I met someone who wanted to genuinely help me and when she mentioned names she knew I knew it wouldn't happen. But sadly now I'm back in the radar