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Original Post:
by: NordStar on Apr 14, 2019

Advice for the Spell and Article Discussion Section (The ones in the tabs for spells and articles, here too)

1) Site rules still apply to this section. Follow them or lose your account.
2) Not all spells on this site are real, if you can?t tell that from reading it you may need to learn more about real magic.
3) If you ask if the spell works and are told it is fake, don?t ask again on another spell that is supposed to do the same thing. You will get the same answer.
4) Magic has no time frame, you have to add that into your spells.
5) If you have a question about something that is not specific to the spell, use forum.
6) Click the name of the person who wrote the spell, this often brings up their profile page, you can see when they were last on. If it has been over 6 months, they probably will not be back so there is no need to ask a question you specifically want them to answer. If the profile doesn?t come up, they are no longer on this site and will never answer you.
7) Some spells will never work. Generally they are located in the fantasy section, however, I will break it can it down for you here. If the spell says:
it can transform your physical body
it can stop or speed up time
it is guaranteed to work
it can teleport you
it can create a physical mythological creature
it can create anything out of thin air in a physical form
it can Kill
Is Ancient
If it is written in a language you don?t know
If it only requires your voice
do something that seems ?too good to be true?
it will make you something (witch, give you powers, make you god/king/queen/ruler)