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Original Post:
by: Rains9011 on Nov 30, 2018

Hello, Everyone.
I was doing 11:11 money spell yesterday with two white candles, sugar, cinnamon and road opener oil. Basically I would focus on my intentions between two candles at exactly 11:11 pm and then just let the candles burn out. However, some time after casting the spell, right candle stated burning really fast but flame was steady. The right candle burned out in less than 2 hours instead of 8 hours. Left candle remained burning steady and at normal speed. Also I accidentally looked at clock when it was exactly 12:12 AM and felt some kind of affirmation. Is there any significance when right candle burns much faster than left candle? Like I said, I used oil on both candles but I applied exactly the same amount. Thanks for reading and thoughts, answers are greatly appreciated.