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Original Post:
by: Slowdive80 on Feb 13, 2018

This is a little awkward for me since i tend to be private in this area. But when you need help you have to ask.

So I have a high libido and its very annoying but nothing I can do.

I tend to attract partners who have very low libidos. Relationship material for sure but lacked sexual sparks.

Im a faithful person but its very hard to be in a relationship when another person isnt sexual.

Ive compromised in the past and relationship didnt work out anyway

Im thru with compromising in terms of sexual compatibity.

So here is my question after that rambling monologue.

Is there a spell tbat helps attract a person who has a high srx drive?

It would really help if there is. Im a magnet for the dead below the waist crowd. And would love to cast a spell which helps correct that.