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Original Post:
by: lalanna78 on Nov 07, 2017


So I did a think of me spell last Thursday night during the height of the waxing moon. I felt great about the spell while I was doing it and afterwards. I know that my energy was good as were my thoughts.

Now the person I did this spell on (link below), we generally speak on a daily basis. Literally since Friday he has been radio silent and not replied to my basic messages. Now this has gotten me worried about the spell.. did is backfire? because now I can't stop thinking about him and what is going on... So now I am scared that my negative thoughts have caused this to come three fold on me and it's made him not want anything to do with me all of a sudden??? Can that happen??

Need assistance & guidance in this. And maybe how to break this if it went wrong.. and help for it to go right if at all possible..

Link of spell used: