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Original Post:
by: Rambolambo93 on Sep 20, 2017

New Spellcaster here, looking do to research into the summoning and binding of Djinni, elemental spirits. Is there anyone here with experience as a conjuror who could offer helpful tips and advice on summoning rituals, or any kind of rules that should be followed when binding and handling Djinni?

One particular things I'm most interested in learning are the potential dangers of interacting with Different varieties of Djinni, and the potential abilities/limitations of each variety of Djinn once they've been summoned, bound and befriended (apparently you have to gain the trust of a bound Djinn before they will start doing anything complex for you.)

That's another interesting snippet I'd like to discuss. What's the best method for befriending a Djinn? Should I just load the sucker up with psychic energy once it's bound? Or are there more subtle and less intrusive ways to earn it's trust?