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Original Post:
by: Josh911 on Jan 20, 2016

Hello, I have a very dire issue. I will not go into great details, but I pushed away and harmed the love of my life... I am recovering from so much right now, including alcohol abuse... I've lost almost everything and the only person who stood by my side was my lover... even tho we had our problems, and we were falling apart and away, he still held onto me and made sure I was always okay..

Its a very dire situation right now. I cannot loose him, but I can see that with the amount of hurt and damage I've done, only magic can fix this. I cannot loose him. I'm honestly already dying right now with everything else, my desperation to have him back in my life is very high right now, my regret is unbearable.

I am unable to move on or let go of him, so please don't suggest that:/

My question is this, what spell kits/spells would you all recommend? Or if you have your own custom spells that you think would help.

I live in the Cincinnati area, so if you are near me please PM me! I would love to make local craft friends, and also help and direction on the casting of the spells! <3