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Original Post:
by: Stallard on Oct 13, 2015

I have always been interested in magick since I found out my great grandmother was a princess for a local tribe here in Ontario Canada. I remember she had a giant family tree going far back painted on her living room wall. She had all these artifacts,drums,headresses,bows&arrors, but when she passed. Her family painted over the tree, sold everything an never looked back! Some of my family dosent even speak about her anymore.

I have no idea where to start with magic. Becaues they are all so different. A few friends pointed me to research some stuff on john dee and then aleister crowley. But then I hear from other people that I should be reading about voodoo, Then someone told me to try the kabbalah, Then wiccan. I just dont know where to start and its all overwhelming .

With all this information, different techniques and different religions and what if I pick one study it for years then nothing happends, so how do I know which craft will work?

also for spells working, how do they work, and the force that makes the spells work are they the same for all the other religions?

I have seen spirits/ghosts from time to time, they have interacted with me as well. I also have always loved dreams, I have had sleep paralysis, I do lucid dream, and get dejavu alot. My dreams do come true and my dreams is another reason why Im here looking for anwsers an a new start. Becaues I would love to figure out the source behind them an see if I can make my prophetic dreams happen more or distinguish them from my dream dreams!

can anyone help,
point me in some direction?
or advice please ?