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Original Post:
by: tracimarie on Aug 30, 2015

Here is my situation

About 3-4 months ago, I met this guy on Xbox Live, and we instantly had a connection. We were texting and talking everyday about anything and everything. We talked to each other like we knew each other for years, like we were best friend and very romantically.

By the end of the second month we decided to see what each other looked since we never seen each other in person or on social media. I was very nervous for him to see him because I am very self conscious about myself and I was afraid he would not find me attractive and end it with me, but he told me that I had nothing to worry about and that he would not want to ruin something good. After i showed him my picture he told me that I was pretty and i should not have been worried. But the next day he sent me my "Good Morning" text like he would do every single morning since the day we met, and than he just completely stopped talking to me and I had no idea why.

So the silence between us went on for another two weeks and I finally broke down to find out why and he told me that he could not do a long distance relationship with me and it was just not going to work between us and to never talk to him again. So after that I completely lost it because my heart just shattered into a million pieces.

Just a few weeks ago he started talking to me again like nothing ever happened, but it was not the same, I would not get my "Good Morning" texts, he would stop talking to me after like 5mins and then ignore me.

I am completely at the end of what I can do to get him back...I've talked to physics and they've said that he still wants me but he is afraid that he won't measure up to me.

Please someone help me find the right spell to get him back in my life the way we used to be before we stopped talking. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!