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Original Post:
by: fitliving07 on Dec 17, 2014

First, I've come across this forum out of tons of research I've been doing.

I've read a lot of sites with "spells" out there, and 95% of them seem to be just scams and false promises.

I'm looking for something that'll help me with my ex. Yes, I've become pretty desperate.

I'm having so much trouble focusing on work or "faking" like I'm ok with things.

It wasn't a bad break up, but the reasons for the break were on me. I started the break up a little over a year ago because she was a VERY different person. (We dated for 3 years). She CHANGED so much during that time, that towards the end when I wanted her because she became so amazing, she had grown tired of some of the repetition in the relationship.

I'm so upset with myself, and it hurts. She loved me SO much at one point, and I took it for granted.

I'm in the EXACT spot I "thought" I wanted to be a year to this day. A "peaceful, clean" break up with my girlfriend. And I'm so miserable now (she broke up with me a little over 2 months ago).

We're not on terrible terms. If I text (asking for something) or call her, she'll probably call me back. But the conversation is very one-sided, with very little interest from her. She'll "agree" to meet up to catch up, but I have to initiate and plan a lot, and she'll only do it if it's really convenient.

What am I looking for?
A second chance. I KNOW the mistakes I've done. In fact, this is the SECOND time I've thrown away something good (I had a relationship with someone else awesome 6-7 years ago that I also messed up).

I hate that we changed and worked through SO many obstacles together, but I don't get to be part of the future with it.

Is there a spell that can help turn things in my favor? Can a spell caster help? Or is this something I'll have to cast on my own?

Is this messing with "free will"? Can I at least ask for a "chance" to win her heart back (so maybe she's more "open" and "receptive" or "interested" in talking to me)?

I saw a Professional Astrologer and Tarot Reader today, and he told me a lot of about my chart, life, career, and a little bit about our relationship. But he wasn't able to tell "too much" about it besides "work on me." I know it's the cliche thing to do. I "know" I'm supposed to work on myself. But saying it and doing it is so hard when I'm suddenly spending SO much time alone. And when I'm with friends, it still doesn't help because it's on my mind so much.

Sorry for the long, first time post, but in a way, it felt relieving to type that.