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Original Post:
by: Yee on Nov 30, 2014

Is there any spell available that I could use to make another person who is in a bad state feel ok, happy, and peaceful? Of course I could probably easily find one just by those words... Yet it's difficult to find one without many supplies... Such as candles and other ingredients and requirements. I don't have those things with me, yet I really want to help someone in need. He's feeling very down lately, and has sat in his negativity for long... I just want him to have a bit of serenity and glee for a while to get him out of that pit... It's because a girl didn't say yes to him asking her out, so I don't know if that'll even interfere either. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! And if you could, it would help if it's not too difficult, for I am only a beginner, and this would be my first spell that would have worked. (No, I'm not just dabbling and diving. I'm studying and studying!)