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Original Post:
by: Yee on Nov 30, 2014

Now, I know I'll come across spells that don't work, and some that are just impossible to do... Yet could someone help me with a vague idea of what's impossible and what's not? Now: I know the "fluff" is just... Blegh. We won't need to discuss that, yet could someone just give me a few general topics that are possible? I know I should go try myself when it comes to things, yet I'm purely drained out of energy right now... If that makes sense...

Overall, could someone maybe just explain vaguely if that's not possible? Just something maybe even you like to study personally? :) now, I'm just asking for a topic... Just saying something simple like "good luck" or something... Not full-out, explanatory things that people will sometimes ask for. I'm going to be all like "Bring me ALL the knowledge of Wicca!!!!"... That's just stupid. All I need is maybe some beginner suggestions... Please don't be unkind of such things. I might seem to come with ignorance among this... Yet I AM truly embarrassed to be a beginner... And I am truly embarrassed to be new to the site because I can occasionally go against a simple, small rule or offend someone on accident.

All I'm asking for is what I mentioned, if possible.

Thanks everyone :D