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Original Post:
by: winterleaf on Nov 08, 2014

I'm pretty sure the element I'm related to insignificantly is Earth because I'm Virgo. But wind/air has always been special to me. I feel empowered when wind touches my hair and i just love and respect the wind for its beauty. I can see beauty in water but I have a tight fear of being in the middle of a stormy ocean, alone. That seems to get to me. I can't feel the waters energy. I can feel the air like nothing. But I want to connect with more than air and water seems perfect since Earth doesn't appeal me. Fire gives me burning images of humans. Air is my only element I don't fear. Could I connect with an element by fear? I need some techniques to connect me to fire or water. Even earth. Sorry of I'm not clear or picky. I'm only 14 so bare with me. Thanks.