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Original Post:
by: LunaHorse on Aug 08, 2014

Hi everyone,
Can someone please answer a few things for me please.

Firstly, what is the best way to cast a circle before doing a spell?
Secondly, what is the best way to ground myself?
Thirdly, I am attempting to meditate and I think I'm doing it right but I'm not too sure. Can someone give me a brief walk through. I sit there calm, with my eyes closed and clear my mind of all thoughts. Is this correct?
And lastly, I tried to cast a spell last night and felt slightly dizzy/drained afterwards. Does this mean I didn't ground myself properly? It is not an instant spell so I don't know if it worked or not yet. I have complete faith in magic but I feel I am not experienced enough to make it work for me. However, saying that when I felt dizzy/drained last night I had a sense of euphoria and accomplishment afterwards.
Any help would be appreciated.