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Original Post:
by: Dpineda88 on Jun 03, 2014

My ex and I have been rocky for the past week so I recently tried the"To Heal A Rift" spell to heal our relationship and a spell to remove our relationship obstacles. This is only my 3rd spell, I'm fairly new to spell casting. I felt I put a lot of energy and visualization into it, so I feel good about it. thing is my ex and I broke up officially yesterday.

I casted the first part of one spell 3 days ago or so and today I had a tarot reading, the reader said the relationship looked as if it was really over. Now my intention was to heal our issues and remove our problems not to take his free will. I know spells take a while to work, one of them is 2 parts, the second part takes place until the next full moon. Is it possible the work of the spell did not show in the reading because it has not been completed?

My ex bf is currently in another state, one of the problems I focused on was to remove the distance, remove the negative energy of misunderstanding and jealousy. In my reading it was asked if he would move here and the reverse chariot showed up...meaning the wheels are up in the air, or just a no.

What do you guys think? Any feedback or suggestions on a different spell would be greatly appreciated it!